New Store

Help build the new Janesvlle Hardware and Lumber store, and get

                      8% interest and store discounts!

Join our other investors in helping build the local economy with our new 18,000 square foot Janesville Hardware and
Lumber store, with local and Internet communities coming together in a modern style barn raising.

Fred and Pat Arnold, Janesville
Sterling and Ronnie Chandler, Janesville
Jack and JoAnn Davis, Janesville
Rick, Connie and George Davis, Janesville
Sal DeMasi Janesville
David Dutton, Janesville
Mike Engman, Janesville
Phil Finkel, Susanville
Albert and Candy Fizer Janesville
Natalie Fuller, Janesville
Clara and Eldon Gath, Santa Ana, California
Tom and Marlene Gauthier, Janesville
Jim Goss, Los Angeles, California
Clem and Fran Guillen, Elk Grove, California
Heinz Family Trust, Janesville
Anonymous, Janesville
Jacob and Michelle Lewis, Janesville CA
Jim Lybarger, Chico, CA
Stephen and Cathy Maggard, Janesville
Jake and Margaret Marshall, Janesville
Greg and Karen Martin, Janesville
Tom and Helen McGrath, Janesville
Tyler Morgan-Schaaf, Milford
Robert and Terri O’Bryan, Janesville
Lynn O'Suna, Janesville
Al Rose, Janesville
Murray and Tamera Schultz, Hartford, Kentucky
Aldo Sella, Janesville
Robert and Marsha Smith, Janesville
Frank Somerville, Janesville
Lindsey Watts, Janesville
Nichole Watts, Janesville
Robert and Janice Watts, Janesville
Betsy Young, Janesville
Kristie Allen, Janesville

Bill’s Ag, contributing loader and trucking
Ed Staub & Sons Petroleum, discounted red fuel
John Wattenburg, contributing building labor
Al and Jerry Wattenburg, labor
Ted Check, contributing DG for building pad
Gray Bergin, contributing design and cement work
Reid Electric, contributing lay out and labor
Ray Stovall, contributing sign work
Anthony Cenotti, contributing labor on cement work
Austin’s Fine Furniture, contributing counters
William Butler, Master Dowser, dowsing services
NST Engineering contributing soil-testing services
Steve Urionaguena, contributing labor

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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